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Hi there!! Like 6 weeks ago I received a PM with a request for a Dean/Castiel header. The header is almost done but, I accidentally deleted the message and I don't remember the lj name of this person, so please If you made the request, let me know :) you can send me a PM 
Thank you 
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2012 icons!!!


And the inspiration came to me, thanks to the beautiful Mr Ackles and the amazing picture "laughing in the snow ". That picture is pure joy and happiness :) I hope you like the new batch, I really had fun working with the icons. If you take one of them, give me a post, and probably you will make my day
Enjoy them
hugs <3

[♥] Comments are love, so comment if you like/take them
[♥] Credit to acuarella_117
[♥]Don't alter and don't hotlink
[♥]Please let me know what you take
Se habla ESPAÑOL! :D

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